About Us

OBSS (Orient Body Shop Solutions India pvt ltd.) is one of the leading manufacturer of Automotive Service equipment. OBSS is focused in providing innovative equipment solutions for body shop and workshops. It offers customers Complete solution through specialized products and services. The company has its head quarters at Coimbatore with a manufacturing facility, Engineering centre, ware house for traded goods and a state of the art training centre.

Since its incorporation in 2011, the company is growing steadily keeping up with the market growth and achieving better market share year on year. The company is owned and managed by professionals Mr. Satish Kumar and Mr. Zainul Imani who have over 20 years of experience in the field of Automotive and Engineering equipments.

The core objective of the company is to offer customers innovative solution at affordable cost achieved through local manufacturing or sourcing from leading companies around the globe. As automobile is ever changing with newer technologies, there is need for sophisticated equipment. OBSS offers the latest technology equipment through its worldwide partners like GYS-France, Car bench-Italy, IRT, TKR-Germany, HESHBON-Korea and many more.

Through its experienced R&D, OBSS have introduced products like Paint Booth with VARIOD technology, Crash repair system, Automated Evaporator cleaners, Window spray booth, nitrogen Tyre Inflators and many more.

OBSS is closely connected with Vehicle manufacturers and its products are approved for distribution to the OEM dealer network.

OBSS has over 50 professionals in Sales and service spread across India. It is committed to offers customers service within 24 hrs. The entire team is well trained through the inhouse training centre situated at Coimbatore.

The Training centre of OBSS is well equipped with products , class room and all other amenities. Many vehicle manufacturers and Paint companies use this facility to offer training to their own employees as well as their dealer. This Training centre is also the technical centre where new technologies in vehicle are analyzed so as to offer solutions in aftersales equipment needs.

Training Academy

At OBSS, Training is the core strength and this is reflected in the investment made at the Training Centre located inside OBSS facility. OBSS offers training courses on Body and Paint process as well as on the equipment. The training courses are recognized and used by some of the leading vehicle manufacturers.

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